Snakes and Ladders

After an enforced break of two weeks due to the weather, hostilities resumed at the Glamorganshire with Week Seven of the Snakes and Ladders Competition.

In recent months, sponsors have been sought for the tee markers and many Snakers thought that in that context, that the gleaming Jaguar car adjacent to the eighteenth green was on offer for a hole-in-one or even nearest to the pin. Sadly, it belonged to the DJ from the previous night’s Valentine’s Dinner and Dance!

Continuing with the Valentine’s theme, Nigel Swaine was spotted buying flowers from the Spar Store at 8am on Sunday. Speculation was rife. Were they a late Valentine’s gift for someone special or for his playing partner Bob Bubbins!

Later on, Keith Nicholls interrupted the Chief Snake during the speeches to announce that Jammy, a true romantic, had managed to excel himself this year by sending his beloved no less than a personalised Valentine’s Card. This prompted murmurs of grudging admiration (and some jeering!), but the illusion of undying love lasted only a few seconds as Nicksy displayed the said card, which was red with the Manchester United badge prominently displayed. Jammy tried to retrieve the situation saying that he had been very happily married for longer than he could remember, but then showed his true colours by stating that the highlight for him was definitely 1999 when Manchester United won the Treble!

On the course, Nigel Swaine provided further evidence of his fragile mental state, shouting  “Fore right!” instead of “Fore left!” on the 12th hole, almost killing Bob Lakin, who gracefully avoided the ball with a shimmy of his new snake hips! Nigel is reported to be taking his driving test for the 7th time next week!

Liam Bevan recorded the sole air-shot of the day at 11:40 on the 15th. At the top of the table John Redknap and Richie Collins toppled much-fancied Jordan Price-Davies and Liam Bevan, and Huw Elias and Peter Ingram were beaten by Peter Edmunds and Mike Desmond.

The winners clash next week. Will the one shot that John and Richie receive on the 6th prove crucial? The only other unbeaten pair is John Letton and Gwyn Griffiths who overcame Phil Harris and Nigel Jones. At the other end of the board, winless pairings compete with Bill Blunsden  and Alan (“Big Al”) Hyett having to give two shots to Tony Stevens and Malcolm House playing each other.

Bill is this week’s new loss leader in the “Fat Club”, and will want to restrict any further losses to his waistline. Paul Mantle and Martin Best are the third pair yet to break their duck. Ironically, both “Big Al” and Paul are recent Snakes winners, while Tony has collected the Wooden Spoon. Will recent roosters become feather dusters? Will Tony need to search out his Spoon Speech? Much will depend upon next week’s matches.

Watch this Space!

Which tee are we off

Hole-in-one prize!

Andy lines up a difficult putt


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