Match Captain – Rants!

The vast majority of members have been very positive about a bit of feedback, so here goes.  Only positive rants this week, thanks to all those who took time to complete their finishing times and their time teeing off on the 9th tee.  This data helps ascertain how long each format should take.  Saturdays 4BBB Medal saw 188 golfers get around the golf course in between 3hrs 45mins and 4hrs 10mins.  The early finishers would indicate that this format of competition should take just under 4hrs.

Well one small rant – 4 groups scored the Medal as a Stableford, 3 of which NR’d on one or more holes so were DQ’d.  The clue was on the top of the card where it said 4BBB Medal!  Slightly unfair because we did reschedule things, but please confirm before posting your score.

It was nice to see Len Ingram back on the course kitted out with protective hard hat and visor.

Although the greens had been hollow tined the green staff had done a great job and the putting surfaces were pretty good.  The pain is over now, and with some warm weather things should improve dramatically.

The big surprise was 17 where some of our bigger hitters struggled to score par.  Only 3 groups gross birdied 17, with far more bogeys than pars recored.

The tees will be right back next weekend for the Jubilee Cup!

A great score by the winners, Steffan gross birdied 3 and 6 and James gross birdied 16 and 17 for a great finish.

The results were as follows.

First – Steffan Edwards/James Coombs  – net 64
Second – Martin Ennis/Phil Silva – net 66 (33 back 9)
Third – Dave Ellis/Alan Buchan – net 66 (34 back 9)
Fourth – Phil harris/Bill Muir – net 67 (32 back 9)
Fifth – David Vodden/Leon Reece net 67 (34 back 9)

The top 16 qualifiers were as follows.

1. Steffan Edwards/James Coombs
2. Martin Ennis/Phil Silva
3. Dave Ellis/Alan Buchan
4. Phil harris/Bill Muir
5. David Vodden/Leon Reece
6.  Mark Desmond/Luke Kellett
7. Jay Morris/Clive Morris
8. James Maunder/Tom Maunder
9. Dave Halliday/ Phil Cunningham
10. Mark Portlock/Pete Goodfellow
11. Tim Edds/G Roberts
12. Jonathon Adams/Steve Scarrett
13. Maurice Bulchalter/C Lammie
14. Glyn Mitchell/Mike Hennessey
15. Leighton Davies/Nigel Harries
16. Mike Matthews/Paul Johnson

Scores of 69 with a back 9 better than 33 qualified.
First round to be played by 16 June.
4BBB Matchplay – Max 28

This coming weekend.

Sat – Jubilee Cup – Top 8 qualify for the Welsh Handicap Team Championship final played at the Celtic Manor.

Sun – Members and Guest – spaces still available

Monday – Mixed Stableford.

Happy Golfing

Leon Reece
Match Captain


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