Harrison & Webster Rant!

Another busy Bank Holiday weekend with nearly 180 golfers playing in the Saturday’s competition.  For those of you confused by the format – and I think that included both professionals (Andrew has only been here 37 years so its understandable!!), the format was 2two eighteen hole comps, with two further cups for best 36 hole net score and best 36 hole gross score.  But well done to a few of you who tried to convince Pete ‘the Pro’ and retain your shots from Saturday, yes that’s you Chrissy Beer!!  Please check the board I have included a ‘tweak’ of my own to your handicap!

Firstly, the no shows – Brian Rigby and Dave Sadler, Dave did arrive apparently but his clubs had been stolen from his boot, he did manage to recover them by the Monday! Well done South Wales Police!  Gents please if you are booked turn up or cancel your booking to allow others to play.

Pete Chaffey narrowly lost out on Saturday by one shot!  His air shot on the 15th cost him a tie!  Can’t help playing with Prisky either!

Saturdays result

Mr Dafydd Harries 78 – 11c = 67
Mr Craig Gore 80 – 13c = 67
Mr Chris Beer 84 – 16c = 68
Mr Tony Morgan 85 – 17c = 68
Mr J H Shorney 75 – 7c = 68
Mr Peter Chaffey 96 – 28c = 68

The fourth hole seemed to present a big challenge: on Sat, my 3 ball called the match behind through, then they called us back through and at one stage there was 15 golfers on the hole – this slow play thing is going so well.  The only casualty, Emyr ‘I’ve never walked off in my life’ Davies – did in fact walk off!!  The golfing gods were to gain their revenge some 48 hrs later when Pete Caltabiano fired one of his best drives at 45 degrees into Ems forearm, he described Em as a startled Mule Deer, whatever that is!  All joking aside Em is ok but it could have been a nasty incident.

Monday went off fairly uneventfully, with a much smaller field.  Although Jamie Ringer did have a back spasm after firing 3 balls into Downs Wood and left the course a few holes later – these highly tuned athletes!

Monday’s Result

Mr Jeremy Peter 86 – 20c = 66
Mr Jonathan M Adams 86 – 19c = 67
Mr Tom Maunder 77 – 8c = 69
Mr Roger Boyle 76 – 7c = 69
Mr Jonathan Bowles 79 – 10c = 69
Dr E J Davies 82 – 12c = 70

Congratulations must go to –

Jay Morris best gross over 36 holes – FD Webster Cup.
Roger Boyle best net over 36 holes – Stanley Harrison Cup.

As the poster says:  “Stay calm and carry on golfing.”  Things need time to settle now and people need to enjoy our great golf club.  As the Head Green Keeper at Wentworth said this weekend ‘his course is 60 days behind where it should be after one of the worst winters!’

Club night tonight – £500 Jackpot

“Missing a short putt does not mean you have to hit your next drive out of bounds.”
– Henry Cotton

Leon Reece
Match Captain



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