4BBB Stableford – Rant

Saturdays 4BBB Stableford saw the wind blow and blow, many cards were wrecked by the time they reached the homeward stretch.  In addition to the wind, the torrential rain made many give up and walk in.  Andrew Kerr Smith is currently investigating putting a refuelling station on 10th tee, it seems that the club buggies simply do not have the range to cope with the zig sagging that the shots of Mike Hennessey and Peter Corrigan require.  They ran out of fuel on the 10th and needed a replacement buggy brought out.  A score of 41 from Martin Wilkins and Gary Ward early on was enough to secure a great victory.


1st – Martin Wilkins & Gary Ward 41 pts
2nd – Tom & John Maunder 40 pts
3rd – Tony Warrilow & Brian Mitchell – 39 pts
4th – Dafydd Harries & Ian Jones – 38 pts (back 9 – 19 pts)
5th – Peter Edmunds & Brian Barton (back 9 – 18 pts)

9 balls for a two.

Captains Day

Some 264 golfers will play on Saturday’s Captains Day.  The format is foursomes, half the combined handicap.  The draw has taken place and the pairings are on the notice boards in the Club.  Food will be served in the form of a buffet before you go out or after you have finished depending on your tee time.  In addition, the Captain will be at the cabin where further refreshments will be served.

A tote is run by the Club and members can bet anything from £1 to £25 pound in denominations of £1 on pairs they think will feature in the prizes.  Bets can be placed during the day in the Secretary/Managers Office or the office will be open from 1700 to 1930 every evening this week.  Betting will close from Friday evening.

Dan Bird, Duncan Lendrum and Gareth Mathias’s Team are all partaking in Macmillian Longest Day today.  They all hoping to raise as much money as possible for this fantastic charity.  They will be playing 2 rounds of golf at the Glamorganshire, one at St Andrews Major and finishing at Cardiff Golf Club.  I have included links for their Just Giving pages below.  Well done boys.

The Millennium Trophy takes place a week on Saturday, its a great trophy donated by John Adams.  Each team must have one lady in it.  I have a list of ladies wanting to play so just put 3 names down and I will sort the rest.

Team news – the Second team finally won this week at home to Dinas Powis, well done Daryl and the Second Team boys. The First Team halved their match at home to Mountain Ash.

Many shots are spoiled at the last instant by efforts to add a few more yards. – Bobby Jones

‘Happy Golfing’

Leon Reece
Match Captain




Match Captain’s Rant – June Medal

Saturday saw 202 golfers play in the June Medal, the sun shone and the wind blew.  And did it blow, it made 15,16 and 17 play as the three most difficult holes.  Well done to Mark Desmond and John Verdon for the only 2 birdies on 17!  The 15th played the hardest with only 8 pars, 64 Bogeys and 130 double bogeys or worse.

South Wales Police have be asked by Dave Sadler to abandon the search for his golf clubs, his magnificent net 63 has convinced him that its time for a new set.  God help us all when he gets custom fitted!  Well done to Dave and Colin Rodgerson who both qualified for the Welsh Individual Handicap Championship and the forms have gone in already.

Full medal result as follows-

Dave Sadler  74 – 11 – 63
James Greenslade 75 – 8 – 67
Stuart Humphreys  79 – 12 – 67
Colin Rodgerson  90 – 21 – 67

Welsh Individual Handicap Championship Qualifiers

Division 1

Dave Sadler
James Greeslade – 1st reserve

Division 2

Colin Rodgerson
Nick Adams – 1st reserve

We also had an exceptional individual among us on Saturday, well done to Stuart Humphreys whose performance was spotted by the computer and endorsed by the Match Captain (with a big smile on his face) for an Exceptional Scoring Reduction of 1 shot.  He joins an elite club this year.  Alan Buchan must have been short of balls, he had 3 two’s on 7, 14 and 18, well done, no easy feat!

Ok, now for a point of order, the OED definition of rant – ‘speak or shout at length in an angry or impassioned way’, my rants are generally of the latter type and always meant constructively.

Now for an admission, some of you have taken great pleasure in highlighting my NR on Sat, having ran back to the 12th tee the thought of going back down the 15th a few holes later filled me with dread.  That thick long rough isn’t endearing itself to me or anyone for that matter!  If you do like it please make yourself know to a member of the committee.  Anyway, to those who were aggrieved by my heinous NR, I apologise profusely (Pete Corrigan that’s you!).  That will be my last NR this year.

Please read the notice boards for the latest local rules and temporary local rules before you go onto the course.  You never know they might help you!  In addition, the practice area that crosses the first fairway is closed on competition days.  Please use the area adjacent to the fifth fairway for short irons only.

4BBB this week, a few spaces late on, and the week after that is Captain’s Day.

The First and Second Teams play at home this week, I think it will be the first time this season they both have full strength sides out.  The First Team play on Friday against Mountain Ash and the Second Team play Dinas Powys tomorrow.  Please come down and support, tee off is at 1730.

The Wayfarers under the captaincy of Paul ‘undefeated in 2 years’ Brown have got off to a flying start, a strong first win against Newport, followed by a convincing win against St. Mellons.  The home form was replicated away with a fine half at LLanwern under the Captaincy of Nixy.  The first away game at St. Mellons was abandoned due to bad weather after five holes but Jon Bowles and Phil Harris didn’t realise and continued to play for another five holes. The return of the fine weather brought Llanwern to the Glamorganshire and the home team notched up another great 4-1 win.  Sadly, Paul ‘undefeated’ Brown became Paul Brown, it can’t be easy playing with Paddy Warner at the moment, Gogsie has been telling me all about it.

I know the Wayfarers held an emergency meeting last night after the news from the course on Saturday that Mark Suttons handicap was improving, I received the petition today and I have promised to take whatever steps are necessary within the CONGU guidance to ensure harmony amongst the Wayfarers.

‘Many shots are spoiled at the last instant by efforts to add  a few more yards’. – Bobby Jones

‘Happy Golfing’

 Leon Reece
Match Captain


Wayfarers – Latest Results

This season has seen somewhat better weather than last year, and also seen a decent start for The Glamorganshire Wayfarers.

The first game the season started with a tough home fixture with Newport with The Glamorganshire running out 3-2 winners. Next was a fairly comfortable 4 ½ – ½ home win against St.Mellons with Nixy and Corsi contributing with and 8 and 7 win.

Our first away fixture seen us renew are previous battles with Llanwern where a creditable halved match 2 ½ – 2 ½ was fought out, big thank you to Nixsy for standing in as Captain that evening. Another away game followed at St.mellons where it was ‘Back to the future’ with regards to the weather, this game was abandoned after 5 holes due to flooding greens and fairways……….although Phil Harris and John Bowles who were the middle match didn’t realise there was no one else out on the course continued to play for another 5 holes. Thank you to everyone who turned up that night and gave it a go.

Our last game saw the return of the fine weather and Llanwern to The Glamorganshire where another comfortable 4-1 win was carved out, I won’t say who had the one loss as it might embarrass me. So 14 points from the first 4 games is a great start hope we can keep it up.