July Medal – Rant!

Whoever said its a game of two alf’s wasn’t really referring to golf but was certainly right on Saturday.  In the morning golfers enjoyed near perfect conditions and the scoring reflected this with two scores of 46 before lunchtime – more of that later! In the afternoon the heavens opened and those ill prepared (me) for such conditions got drenched.

Saturday saw the first trial of 10 minute intervals for medal competition and all players achieved 4hrs 15mins or less, as usual the early starters achieved 3hrs 30mins.  Whilst 10 minute slots solve a lot of ‘congestion’ issues, they also causes a capacity problem.  All of those on the waiting list were offered a place and played.  Could I ask anyone who does not have a place for a competition to put their names on the waiting list along with their desired window of play and both the Secretary/Manger and myself will try and accommodate you.

I feel that there was enough of an improvement to the pace of play to try 9 min slots for the August Medal, many clubs use 9 minute slots as there standard separation and they believe it improves the golfing enjoyment for all.  Two groups on Saturday lost more than 2 holes each, this has huge impact on all the golfers after them.  You must if you do nothing else on a Saturday ‘KEEP UP WITH THE MATCH IN FRONT!!!’  I have written to both matches and given them a final warning.

Saturdays results as follows-

1.  Stuart Lane & Dave Garner – 45pts
2.  Gareth Mathias & Tom O’Brien – 44 (23 back 9)
3.  Jordan Price-Davies & Darryl Gardner 44 (14 back 6)
4.  Alex Hill & Ross Toshack 44 (13 back 6)
5.  Ian Dodd & Martyn Davies 43 (22 back 9)

Where are the scores of 46 I hear you ask! Well having done all the hard work one person failed to put his handicap on the card and the other played off the wrong handicap!  Gents, please take 5 minutes to check your cards and your handicap on the computer.  You are only responsible for 5 things on you cards – name, handicap, gross score and markers signature and players signature.

Sam Mead & Dave Carey – Doh!

Some mixed team news this week, the First Team lost to Morlais Castle but the Second Team won a very important relegation clash against Creigau.  As usual Alan Buchan and Paul Arcos won, the yukkers lost, but the skipper came through with Glyn Mitchell to claim the points.  Well done Darryl the tide is finally turning!!  For all the hard work you have put into the Second Team this year you deserve success.

The First Team will be travelling to Milford Haven for the Welsh Team championships after 2 great wins in the qualifying rounds.  If anyone is interested in travelling to support them it may be possible to arrange some transport from the Club on a daily basis.  If you are interested in travelling to support the First Team please drop the Secretary/Manager an email.  The dates are the 16-18 Aug 13.

Happy Golfing!

Leon Reece
Match Captain



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