Centenary Rant!

A busy Centenary weekend saw 15 teams compete in the Texas Scramble on Friday afternoon.  Despite having 4 all male teams the top three teams all contained at least one lady!  The full results below.

1st  Blatchford’s x 4 – 56.9
2nd Carling’s x 3 plus Andrew Prynne – 58
3rd Justine Blunsdon, Pete Caltabiano, Mark Desmond, James Borland – 58.5

The 4BBB saw 180 golfers compete and record some great scores.  Johnny Redknap and Adrian Davies were sunning themselves with smiles of contentment under the Cherry Tree having just scored a net 60.  I hear that John had asked a bottle of the Clubs finest Prosseco to be put on ice, however the celebrations were short lived when Gareth Mathias and Tom O’Brien came in with a net 58!  The more his father practices the better Tom gets!  I must say I was exhausted from carrying Peter Goodfellow around 18 holes!

1st Gareth Mathias & Tom O’Brien – net 58
2nd John Redknap & Adrian Davies – net 60
3rd James Greenslade & Graham Marr – net 62
4th Paul Rice & Jeff Shorney – net 63
5th Brian Mantle & Dave Marsh net 64 (count back)

Two no shows this week, Mike Clark on Saturday failed to show and this is a first for me, Lyndon Burrup in the Member’s and Guest’s on Wednesday!  Please gents have the courtesy to arrange a substitute or ring the Pro shop at the very least.  Persistent offending will not be tolerated.

The draw for the Howell Cup and the Autumn Trophy has also be done and is up on the competition boards.

The Second Team lost this week and now need a point away at St. Mary’s to guarantee survival.  Daryl is still looking for a player so if you are a 4-9 handicapper and can help please contact me or Daryl.

The First Team are enjoying a strong finish to the season and they won at home this week to Aberdare (2-1).  They travel to Milford Haven this week to play in the Welsh Team Championships.  They play the first match on Friday afternoon at 1530.  I’m sure they would appreciate all the support we can muster, we wish them every success.

The greens renovation work has commenced and the work should be completed by Friday.  The drainage work has also commenced on the 8th fairway and the 8th hole will be out of play or the next few days.  Work will then start on the 6th hole and that will be closed for 5 working days.  The course will be open in the evenings and weekends, please look at the notice board for exceptions to this email, we may have to close a hole entirely for Health and Safety reasons.  The work will be completed in 3 weeks.  Those involved in the final phases of the knock out competitions will be advised under separate cover.  In general, the gravel/sand channels will be deemed GUR and relief must be taken.  Please look at the notice board before commencing your rounds, any temporary local rules will be posted there.

In general the schedule of work is as follows:

12-14 Aug – 8th fairway
15-21 Aug – 6th fairway
22-23 Aug – 12th fairway
26-28 Aug – 15th fairway

The last couple of days will be used to tidy up and finish off any unplanned issues, all work will be completed by the 30 Aug.

I understand many of you will ask why are we digging the course up during the best month of the year?  The simple answer is that the machinery requires firm ground for the best results, therefore leaving the work for another month would risk not having the ground conditions to complete the work.  Another issue is that the heavy machinery could cause damage to softer ground that would take months to recover.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Finally, I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Mike ‘Grimmer’ Jones a speedy recovery after a heart attack on the course on Sunday.  My sources tell me he’s doing well.

Finally, finally, it was great to see Duncan Lewis back at the Club and looking well after his serious illness.  He tells me he will be playing in the Snakes after his handicap increase – finally a happy customer!

Happy Golfing.

Leon Reece
Match Captain



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