Stableford Rant

Saturday saw 185 golfers play in the Singles Stableford Competition.  Conditions were good and I had the pleasure of playing with the Second Team Captain – Darryl Gardner, who must have surely won the best dressed of the day.  Not only did he look the part he played extremely well for his 38 points.  Other notable performances on the day, John Redknap, 39 points and the lowest he has ever been 9.8, obviously he’s not playing for his winter handicap this year!  Well done John.  Derek Forsyth’s name was back in the winners frame with 38 points.  Sam Mead trampolined into Category 1 and the elite golfing fraternity with 42 points, Sam I hope your not allergic to Yak’s milk!

Andrew Smith and James Maunder scoring a magnificent 43 points, Andrew winning on countback.  Smithy, leaving his great round till late this year, there’s always one in him!  James also joins an elite group, the Exceptional Scoring Reduction group, he was dropped another two shots for his score, his brother Tom who was had a great year this year was at the other end of the field with a solid 19 points.  Pete Corrigan who was only telling me that we don’t have enough stableford comps as they suit his style of play scored a prodigious 12! There were 2 pars with shots in that so the other 16 holes were pretty barren.  Well done Pete I believe that was an improvement on your last score.

If you live by the sword then you have to die by it!  I have gone on and on about checking your cards before posting them in the box, I have even ridiculed some! Please, please, please check your cards before returning them! – Match Captain disqualified – no handicap on the card! Doh!


Andrew Smith – 43 points
James Maunder = 43 points
Sam Mead – 42 points
John Redknap – 39 points
Darryl Gardner – 38 points
Derek Forsyth – 38 points

We glided around the course in 4hrs, so thanks to you all considering there was 185 players out there things moved swiftly.

Finally, we all wish Liam Beddard the best of luck for his wedding in Ireland this coming weekend, He’s done exceptionally well just to cope with all of the stag nights his brother Gavin has organised, The sight of Liam in the Golden Lion toilets on Friday night will live with me for a long time.  I believe there is only one stag night left in Ireland before the wedding, sounds messy!

Happy Golfing!

Leon Reece
Match Captain


Presidents Rant

We seem to be having much better luck with the weather this year, the course was well watered on the Friday prior to perfect weather this weekend.  John Morgan and his team managed to get sufficient drainage work done to present an excellent course to the Glamorgan Seniors.   Although those playing in the event did get a bit wet, the feedback from the course was most positive.

The Drainage works are continuing this week and should be completed sometime next week.  The weather forecast is excellent so the remaining work in front of the sixth hole and the new drainage pipe on the 15th should be completed this week.  That only leaves the some small drainage works on the 12th to be completed early the following week.  The gravel banding work will then commence when the ground is slightly softer, sometime in early Oct.  The gravel banding will link into the pipe network that has been laid on 6, 8 and 12.  The 5th and 15th will also be gravel banded in some areas.

In my previous rant, I mentioned that we will might lose some locker space for a new sunken bath and spa’s.  Most got the attempt at humour whilst I did have someone come up to me worried that he didn’t have a garage.  There are no plans to take any lockers away, don’t worry.

Saturday again saw the sun shine and 194 golfers played in President’s Day, by the time I had tee’d off there were 3 scores of 43 already in the box.  That remained the case until the penultimate four ball, the big smile on Jon Owens face as he walked towards the fence on the 18th hole and mouthed the words ‘bandits’ indicated a good score but that was an understatement.  Duncan Lendrum and Matt Dunn scoring 48 points – well done both!

Oh and you both have been ‘Dunn’ by the Match Captain what an appropriate name!

Thanks the President for a great day out, the Cornetto was a great touch walking up the 9th, is it me or are Cornetto’s  getting smaller!

Happy Golfing

Leon Reece