“Ryder Cup” Saturday 19th October 2013

At just after 7.30 a.m. the two teams ably led by Captain Ian Jones (Wales) and Captain Alan Buchan (RoW) started to assemble at the Clubhouse all dressed very smartly in their sponsored shirts and jumpers. At 08.04 battle commenced with the first pairings of the nine morning foursomes matches teeing off.

At lunch time following some hard fought contests and some not so hard fought the ROW found themselves with a very healthy 7 – 2 lead which lead to the lunchtime curry tasting so much sweeter.

Following a rallying call by the Welsh Captain the teams then went back into battle with 9 four ball better ball matches to ultimately decide the contest. With their tails up the RoW side continued to dominate proceedings and came out on top 6 – 3 in the afternoon matches.

With the final result in as Wales 5 – RoW 13 it should be noted that it Is the largest winning margin by either team since the competition began back in 1998.

The “Ryder Cup” organising committee would like to send a big thank you to First Corporate Clothing Ltd for sponsoring the shirts and jumpers and also to Eclipse printing for producing the brochure at no charge.

Finally a special mention for the Moron-ari Brothers (Slug and Porky) who despite being on the end of one of the greatest beatings in the cup’s history in the morning managed to turn it around and pick up a win in the afternoon.

It should also be mentioned that Mike Jones was voted the best player of the tournament by the organising committee (Mike Jones) and was presented with his no expenses-spared prize by Mike Jones.

Mike Jones

October 20


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