Spring Snakes’ Supper

The Glamorganshire Golf Club recently held its Spring Snakes’ Supper at a packed Clubhouse. 130 of Peter “Jammy” James’ snakelets enjoyed excellent food, drink and company, or beer, banter and bull depending on the composition of your table!. Jammy had promised a night to remember as he stood down after a memorable three years as Chief Snake. It probably was, except for those hardy souls left at the death, who were scarcely able to remember their own names, much less what had gone before!  After the meal Jammy rose to his full height and with his equally vertically-challenged sidekick, “Big Al” Hyett, entertained us once again with another brilliant double act, featuring outrageous one-liners, and fantastic comic timing. Sadly, the fine detail of what was said must remain private in order to protect sensibilities and reputations!

Club Captain, Leon Reece, paid tribute to Jammy’s commitment to the Snakes during his tenure and thanked those who made the competition the success that it is. Leon then assisted the Chief Snake in making the presentations. As three weeks had been lost to bad weather, several pairings vied with each other for the minor places, but Bill Gill and Bob Edwards remained unbeaten, and were worthy winners of the Spring Snakes. However, due to Bob’s holiday in Majorca, the pair were unable to compete together for the overall winners’ Trophy against Autumn Snakes’ winners Peter “Porky” Edmunds and Dave Kent. To make matters worse, the Snakes rules dictate that a substitute cannot be used in the Final, so, instead of receiving the several shots expected, Bill found himself having to give five shots to Porky and Dave! To his credit, he played magnificently, and an unlikely upset looked possible until Dave regained his composure. Despite Bill going up the 9th one up, the autumn winners started to pull away until the Captain who refereed the match called a halt on the 15th. Bill had also booked a holiday, and was unable to attend the supper, where he would have been feted by his peers, who had to be content instead with howling abuse at Porky who was the only one of the quartet present on the night.

All five possible Wooden Spoon pairings were made to suffer by Jammy who brought them forward and through audience approval eliminated them one by one, until finally, father and son pairing Colin and Chris Griffiths were afforded the dubious honour. Colin made a fine speech as did Chris, but given that they then revealed matching Spoon T-Shirts, it must be that they are either clairvoyant or had been tipped off! Finally, former winners Nigel Jones and Phil Harris entertained us with a musical tribute to Jammy which incorporated the Snakes’ anthem, “Every Sunday I awake….” and a welcome to incoming Chief Snake Dave “Hankey” Hancock. Dave was canvassed for the job by Jammy at a “secret” meeting in one of Penarth’s finest hostelries, only for it to coincide with a skittles match at the same establishment between teams containing many Snakers,! We wish Dave all the very best for the next three years, and are sure that he will maintain the traditions of this unique competition.




Mark Mouland Wins The World Par 3 Championship

Mark Mouland won’t forget his maiden voyage to the island of Bermuda anytime soon.

The 52-year-old native of South Wales battled a stiff field and stiffer island breezes to capture the 2014 Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship at the Turtle Hill Golf Club in Southampton, Bermuda.

A two-time European Tour winner, Mouland’s two-day total of 1-under par 107 (51-56) was one shot better than Michael Sims and Camiko Smith, both of Bermuda.

“It was survival out there today,” Mouland admitted after the round. “With the wind gusting you become indecisive on the tee. You don’t know if it’s (the wind) into you, right to left, left to right. You’ve got three different clubs in your hand and it’s really guess work.”

“Can you believe I haven’t made a putt over four-feet in the last two days?” Mouland said. “Today the only birdie I made was a chip-in and that was very lucky.”


With the victory, Mouland takes home $20,000 (USD), the largest first-place cheque in the championship’s five-year history.


European Tour winner Mark Mouland (born in 1961), the son of long time Glamorganshire Golf Club professional Sid Mouland (himself a six times Welsh champion), is probably the finest golfer ever to emerge from the Glamorganshire.

After becoming Welsh and British Boys Champion in 1976 (still the youngest ever winner at 15 years and 4 months), and BBC Wales junior sportsman of the year in 1977, Mark turned professional in 1981.

He played 520 Tournaments on the European Tour (the eighth most experienced player ever), winning twice. He won the British Par 3Championship in 2008, and was runner-up in 2010.                                                                         .

Match Captain’s Missive – April 01, 2014

I hope that all who played in Saturdays medal enjoyed the competition, the weather was more like May and the course looked and played superbly considering the time of year.

Congratulations to Paul Rice our winner who was the only competitor able to post a sub 70 nett with his 68, your handicap of 27 will soon be tumbling down based on that performance!

Well done to Jordan Price-Davies for a best gross of 70 ( 71 nett, how fair is that ! ). A word of caution to all regulars in the centurions, the field is already quite full.

We managed to keep times for the round at or below 4 hours during the morning but something happened on the early holes around midday, causing a problem which stretched the times to 4 hours 15 mins then on further to 4 hours 30 mins by the end of the afternoon.

If anyone could shed light on any particular matter which had an impact on times I would be pleased to here from you.

The day was completed in style with the Snakes supper in the evening, how often can we keep saying the next one could never be as good as the last ? But last Saturday will take some beating. ( some members did not vacate the club until 5.00 am if only they could play golf as well as they drink ). Many thanks to Jammy, your 3 years as chief snake will never be forgotten, and three cheers for Hanky our new chief snake.

Roll on the April medal, redemption is only one round away.

Happy golfing

Alan Buchan
Match Captain

Match Captain’s Missive – March 24, 2014

On Saturday we will play the first medal in what I am all sure will be an enjoyable season of golf at the Glamorganshire.

I look forward to seeing many members on the course through the year and hope that when I drive up in a buggy you believe that I am genuinely coming to see if you are having an enjoyable round of golf which is trouble free, not coming to harass you about slow play.

However, now that I have mentioned it, we all know that no one ever plays slowly (or admits to it anyway) and that there is always some plausible reason why a group has fallen two holes behind the group in front.

What I would like to ask of all our members, is that they keep an awareness of what is happening around them on the golf course and appreciate that what they are doing can have an effect on the enjoyment and play of their fellow members.

We should all target to complete a competition round in four hours or better and should ask ourselves as to why, if we have been unable to achieve this target. Without wishing to state the obvious I have listed below a number of measures which could speed up play if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of holding up the course some sunny Saturday this year.

*Be on the 1st tee promptly, to tee off at your allotted time.(up to 5 mins late is a two shot penalty, over 5 mins is disqualification )
* Mark your card when you have left the green.
* Leave your bag/trolley at the point you intend to exit the green.
* Take a provisional ball if you think your ball might not be found.
* Play your next shot before helping a playing partner look for his/her ball.
* Prepare for your your next shot whilst your partners are playing their’s not after.
* Agree with your partners to play when ready if you have fallen behind the group in front.
* Keep your cabin stop to a strict 10 mins

I look forward to receiving your support through the year and can assure you that I will, along with everyone else on the M&H committee do our best to provide you with trouble free, enjoyable competitive golf.


Alan Buchan
Match Captain