Match Captain’s Missive – March 24, 2014

On Saturday we will play the first medal in what I am all sure will be an enjoyable season of golf at the Glamorganshire.

I look forward to seeing many members on the course through the year and hope that when I drive up in a buggy you believe that I am genuinely coming to see if you are having an enjoyable round of golf which is trouble free, not coming to harass you about slow play.

However, now that I have mentioned it, we all know that no one ever plays slowly (or admits to it anyway) and that there is always some plausible reason why a group has fallen two holes behind the group in front.

What I would like to ask of all our members, is that they keep an awareness of what is happening around them on the golf course and appreciate that what they are doing can have an effect on the enjoyment and play of their fellow members.

We should all target to complete a competition round in four hours or better and should ask ourselves as to why, if we have been unable to achieve this target. Without wishing to state the obvious I have listed below a number of measures which could speed up play if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of holding up the course some sunny Saturday this year.

*Be on the 1st tee promptly, to tee off at your allotted time.(up to 5 mins late is a two shot penalty, over 5 mins is disqualification )
* Mark your card when you have left the green.
* Leave your bag/trolley at the point you intend to exit the green.
* Take a provisional ball if you think your ball might not be found.
* Play your next shot before helping a playing partner look for his/her ball.
* Prepare for your your next shot whilst your partners are playing their’s not after.
* Agree with your partners to play when ready if you have fallen behind the group in front.
* Keep your cabin stop to a strict 10 mins

I look forward to receiving your support through the year and can assure you that I will, along with everyone else on the M&H committee do our best to provide you with trouble free, enjoyable competitive golf.


Alan Buchan
Match Captain


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