Match Captain’s Report

The results from the weekend have been sent out separately so I will not be covering results and the usual topics, but would like to raise something which is probably not under my remit, but what the heck!

The number of pitch marks left un-repaired on the greens is getting to a totally unacceptable level. On each green I arrived on both during the week and at weekends have an endless number of pitch marks which are clearly visible, I repaired one last week which was the size of a small crater along with another dozen smaller ones ( on one green ).

I am aware that there are many of our members who repair pitch marks when they find them, left by other less thoughtful, selfish, lazy members who could not be bothered, but this should not have to be the case.

We are not a public course, we do not have endless societies playing on our course day after day therefore it can only be members who are leaving our greens in this condition. Please be proud of playing such a good shot it leaves a pitch mark on the green and take pride in having to repair it. Divots also need replacing on fairway as well.

Sorry to moan on, best of luck in Saturday’s medal to all those playing.

Happy golfing

Alan Buchan
Match Captain


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