Wales Retain “Ryder Cup” Trophy at Glamorganshire Golf Club


The Wales “Ryder Cup” Team with captain Pete Goodfellow holding the trophy

AS MATCHES go this wasn’t a game of two halves but one way traffic from Wales who won the “Ryder Cup” at Glamorganshire Golf Club by 12½ to 5½ last weekend.

The traditional yearly event started with a Texas Scramble on Friday, September 30, which was eventually won by John Peters, Paul Davies, Darryl Hamonda and Richard Jeremy (last year’s Wales’ captain).

In the evening all players representing Wales and the Rest of the World were at the dinner where they received their shirts from both captains, Wales – Pete Goodfellow, and Rest of the World – Richard Kynaston. A thank you here to all the shirt sponsors and to Andy Ferrier for compering the evening with his usual wit and charm.

The betting then took place to see who could predict the correct or nearest scores for the Saturday competition, which was again arranged by Mike Hennessey.

Saturday morning the first teams were on the tee at 8.10am for the foursomes and by lunchtime Wales were leading six points to three with Wayne Blatchford and Ian Jones having a resounding win of six and five.

However Messrs. Brown and Hughes lost four and three, which is down to their antics on Friday night. The afternoon’s matches of fourballs started with both captains playing against each other with their respective partners of Wales’ James Barnett and Rest of the World’s club captain Alan Buchan.

The game was won by Wales on the 18th which set the tone for the afternoon.

Outstanding performances in the afternoon came from Richard Jeremy and Nathan Waters who won eight and six, Steve Morris and Peter Edmunds who won four and three and Tom Maunder and Paul Richards also winning four and three.

Congratulations to Paul Richards for getting the most results correct. Yet again Paul Brown was unsuccessful in getting any points for Wales, so there will be changes next year.

The Wales captain was presented with the Ryder Cup Trophy which was filled with Champagne from the Rest of the World captain.

The two captains’ will again lead their teams next year and have appointed the following vice captains, Wales Richard Hughes and Rest of the World Mike Jones.

A great golfing weekend was had by all and the Club are sure that next year’s event will go from strength to strength.


Spring Snakes’ Supper

The Glamorganshire Golf Club recently held its Spring Snakes’ Supper at a packed Clubhouse. 130 of Peter “Jammy” James’ snakelets enjoyed excellent food, drink and company, or beer, banter and bull depending on the composition of your table!. Jammy had promised a night to remember as he stood down after a memorable three years as Chief Snake. It probably was, except for those hardy souls left at the death, who were scarcely able to remember their own names, much less what had gone before!  After the meal Jammy rose to his full height and with his equally vertically-challenged sidekick, “Big Al” Hyett, entertained us once again with another brilliant double act, featuring outrageous one-liners, and fantastic comic timing. Sadly, the fine detail of what was said must remain private in order to protect sensibilities and reputations!

Club Captain, Leon Reece, paid tribute to Jammy’s commitment to the Snakes during his tenure and thanked those who made the competition the success that it is. Leon then assisted the Chief Snake in making the presentations. As three weeks had been lost to bad weather, several pairings vied with each other for the minor places, but Bill Gill and Bob Edwards remained unbeaten, and were worthy winners of the Spring Snakes. However, due to Bob’s holiday in Majorca, the pair were unable to compete together for the overall winners’ Trophy against Autumn Snakes’ winners Peter “Porky” Edmunds and Dave Kent. To make matters worse, the Snakes rules dictate that a substitute cannot be used in the Final, so, instead of receiving the several shots expected, Bill found himself having to give five shots to Porky and Dave! To his credit, he played magnificently, and an unlikely upset looked possible until Dave regained his composure. Despite Bill going up the 9th one up, the autumn winners started to pull away until the Captain who refereed the match called a halt on the 15th. Bill had also booked a holiday, and was unable to attend the supper, where he would have been feted by his peers, who had to be content instead with howling abuse at Porky who was the only one of the quartet present on the night.

All five possible Wooden Spoon pairings were made to suffer by Jammy who brought them forward and through audience approval eliminated them one by one, until finally, father and son pairing Colin and Chris Griffiths were afforded the dubious honour. Colin made a fine speech as did Chris, but given that they then revealed matching Spoon T-Shirts, it must be that they are either clairvoyant or had been tipped off! Finally, former winners Nigel Jones and Phil Harris entertained us with a musical tribute to Jammy which incorporated the Snakes’ anthem, “Every Sunday I awake….” and a welcome to incoming Chief Snake Dave “Hankey” Hancock. Dave was canvassed for the job by Jammy at a “secret” meeting in one of Penarth’s finest hostelries, only for it to coincide with a skittles match at the same establishment between teams containing many Snakers,! We wish Dave all the very best for the next three years, and are sure that he will maintain the traditions of this unique competition.